Rest Day Volunteer Registration

Rest Day is a day designed to give Rest, Encouragement, Support and To love parents and guardians of children affected by disability.  Thank you for choosing to serve these families in this way.  Below is the registration form that we require for all volunteers at each Rest Day.  If you have any questions, please email us at  

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Phone Number:
We ask that anyone under the age of 16 serve with an adult. If you are signing up children to serve with you, please list their names in the following fields. :
Minors serving with you:
List anyone else you want to serve alongside.:
We would like to know if you have a disability and if there are any accomodations you need to help your serving experience. Please give us as much information as you think is pertinent and helpful. Thank you.:
List any disabilities and accommodation needs here:
This next set of questions helps us assign a few specific roles well. Please select the answer that best describes you.:
*Have you served at Rest Day before?:
Have you worked with people with disabilities?:
Do you know sign language?:
Describe any medical experience you have?:
If you have been a 1on1 before, who were you with?:
Where would you enjoy serving at Rest Day?:
We require a personal reference to serve at Rest Day. If you have already submitted this information to us, simply put DONE in the name and email fields. Thank you.:
*Personal Reference Name:
*Personal Reference Email:
*How do you know your reference?:
*Where do you attend church?:
*How long have you attended Grace?:
Buddy Name: