Children's and Disabilities Adult Application

This Application is for individuals 18 and older.  Please fill out the application below to the best of your ability.

Please fill out all contact fields listed below.:
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*List other Ministries you were or are involved with here at Grace:
*List any previous related experiences with the areas you want to serve (include church, school, work, or informal activity):
Personal Reference: Please provide two personal reference that are a non-relative:
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We want to know where you are spiritually. Please provide your testimony below::
*How did you come to know Jesus Christ as your Savior:
*Are you now, or have you completed a recovery process for substance, alcohol, or drug addiction:
If yes, what has been your recovery program:
*Have you ever undergone investigation for child abuse or been convicted of crime involving a minor:
If yes, please explain. If you prefer, you may respond with "I prefer to privately discuss with a Children's Ministry Director.":
*How often would you like to serve per month:
*Select which service would you like to serve:
Rank your top 3 areas of preference in the Children or Disability Ministry in which you’d like to serve (1 being your top preference):
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APPLICANT’S STATEMENT: Please review the statement below. By typing your name, you are electronically signing that you agree with the statement:
The information contained in this application is correct. I authorize any references or churches listed to give you any information (including opinions) they may have regarding my character and fitness for ministry with children. I release all such references from any liability for furnishing such evaluations to you provided they do so in good faith and without malice. I waive any right to inspect references provided on my behalf. Should I join the Children or Disabilities Ministry Team, I agree to be bound by the policies of Grace Fellowship Church, the elders, and to refrain from unscriptural conduct in the performance of my ministry on behalf of the church. I understand that my personal information will be kept completely confidential and that my Social Security Number is used only for a legal background check (every two years) to ensure the safety of the children and students in Children and Student Ministries. I agree to fulfill my commitment, agreed upon at the onset of my ministry term.:
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