Children's and Disabilities Teen Application

This Application is for individuals 12  through 17 years old.  Please fill out the application below to the best of your ability.

Please fill out all contact fields listed below.:
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If you are involved with Rooted Student Ministry, who is your leader:
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Personal Reference: Please provide one personal reference that are a non-relative:
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We want to know where you are spiritually. Please provide your testimony below:
*How did you come to know Jesus Christ as your Savior:
*How do you see yourself helping in this Ministry:
*How often would you like to serve per month:
*Select which service would you like to serve:
Rank your top 3 areas of preference in the Children or Disability Ministry in which you’d like to serve (1 being your top preference):
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APPLICANT’S STATEMENT: Please review the statement below. By typing your name, you are electronically signing that you agree with the statement:
The information contained in this application is true. I authorize any references listed to give you any in-formation (including opinions) they may have regarding my character and experience with regard to minis-try with children. If I join the Children’s Ministry Team, I agree to be follow the policies of Grace Fellow-ship Church, the elders, and to act in the best interest of the ministry and of the church. I will be fully en-gaged in the Sunday morning teaching and in the lives of the children attending Sunday morning:
*Electronic Signature:
APPLICANT’S PARENT STATEMENT: I am fully aware of the commitment that my child is making. I will commit to encouraging my child in his or her desire to serve by making sure that my child commits to responding to the schedule and by providing transportation for my child to arrive on time to serve.:
*Parent Name:
*Parent Phone Number:
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*Parent Electronic Signiture:
Prerequisites: Growing in your relationship with Jesus.Have a servant heart. Able to follow direction of Children’s Ministry staff and Children’s Ministry volunteer leaders. Complete a Teen Application. Parents are able to commit to helping uphold this commitment. :
Responsibilities:To be a good example to the children by listening and following directions, being attentive to the teaching and worship and encouraging the children to do the same. Maintain a safe environment for the children (this includes not picking children up or rough housing with the children). Assist in the classroom by interacting with the children through playing with them and talking to them and encouraging them to follow directions and participate in class. Assist in small group time by helping to keep children engaged in the small group activity and obtaining needed supplies for the small group leader as needed. With your parents respond to Planning Center Online scheduling for the entire upcoming month. Be on time when it is your scheduled week to serve (Arrive 15 min. prior to the start of the upcoming service). If you need to call out please email the team leader for your classroom to let them know you will not be coming. If possible do this 2 days ahead of time.:
*Electronic Signature of Teen:
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